Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?
Our hours are Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday from 8:30 am – 1:30 pm

When are taxes due?
Taxes are due September 5, 2024, with a 4% discount, otherwise due October 7, 2024.

When do late fees apply?
After October 7, 2024, there is an 8% penalty fee. 

Can I get a birth, death, and/or marriage certificate at the Town Clerk’s Office?
Yes, you can get a certified copy for $10.00, with a VT Department of Health Application.

When are dog licenses due?
Dog licenses are due April 1st of every year.

What are the recording fees?
Recording fees are $15.00 per page. 

Do I need a building permit for any time I build something on my property?
You must follow state regulations for building on property. No permits are required locally. 

Dog License Information
All dogs or wolf-hybrids six months of age and older must be licensed annually on or before the first day of April. Before obtaining a dog license, a copy of a current rabies vaccination certificate must be presented to the Town.

2024 License Fees are as follows:
Neutered/Spayed Dogs or Wolf-hybrids:           $  9.00*
Unneutered/Unspayed Dogs or Wolf-hybrids:   $13.00*
* $1.00 surcharge (included) was implemented by the State in 1995 to fund a Rabies Control Program.
* $4.00 surcharge (included) was implemented by the State in 2004 to fund a Spaying and Neutering Program.

All licenses issued after April 1st are subject to a 50% increase in the license fee.

Neutered/Spayed Dogs or Wolf-hybrids:           $11.00
Unneutered/Unspayed Dogs or Wolf-hybrids:   $17.00

Please call 644-8865 if you have any questions.